Oven Cleaners

Best Oven Cleaner Non BleachNo one likes cleaning ovens, cleaning the oven is a task most would like to avoid. Months of burnt on grease and spillages build up leaving a messy residue. Oven cleaning can be done by buying various cleaning products to clean the oven yourself or hiring the services of a professional oven cleaner.

Professional oven cleaners can be expensive and would require a visit by experienced oven cleaner to remove all the burnt on grease. Cleaning the oven has always been a daunting task especially when commercial oven cleaning products contain caustics, bleaches, acids with nasty fumes and smells. Even some of the best oven cleaning products can contain chemicals which would require great caution when using to clean the oven.

Oven Cleaning

For the past 10 years Revive Power Paste has been used by households throughout the UK to clean their ovens. Revive Power Paste is a non bleach oven cleaner with no nasty fumes and smells. Revive Power Paste never ceases to astonish when years of burnt on grease is shifted with just a few applications.

Revive Power Paste is a great non toxic oven cleaner which can be used on all aspects of the oven including the grill, oven glass and oven cookware. Revive Power Paste can be used on various types of ovens and hobs including
  • Ceramic Hobs
  • Halogen Hobs
  • Aga Ovens
  • Rayburn Ovens
  • Gas Hobs

How To Remove Burnt On Areas


Use with nylon scouring pad on all burnt surfaces rub Revive Power into the surface until the grease or burnt area has dissolved then wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge


Please Note the Revive Power Paste is a powerful hard surface cleaner and it might not be suitable for certain plastic materials and decorative finishes. If in doubt, try it on an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no adverse effect on the surface appearance.

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