4 Pack Revive Power Paste

4 Pack  Revive Power Paste

Revive Power Paste is a smell and bleach free multipurpose cleaner for the home and workplace. One of the best oven cleaners and UPVC cleaners available this paste is safe on your skin has no nasty smells or fumes leaving your home and workplace clean.

As a special online offer 4 (365g) tubs of Revive Power Paste are now available for only
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Thumbs UpWe brought Revive when visting a caravan show. We tried it on UPVC and the oven. We were amazed how well the oven scrubbed up. We have tried other products but by far this the best oven cleaner we have come across

Mrs G Davies

Thumbs UpWe run a house maid company near Devon. Revive paste is used on a daily basis. We have not come across anything Revive will not clean. We are always reccommending this products to our friends familys and clients.

Mr T Pyatt

Thumbs UpI was totally impressed when i saw a demonstration of this product at the NEC a few years ago. My husband uses revive once a year to clean our UPVC window frames and doors. We love the fact there are no bad smells or fumes which is always a good thing

Mrs L Foreman

How To Remove Burnt On Areas

Use with nylon scouring pad on all burnt surfaces rub Revive Power into the surface until the grease or burnt area has dissolved then wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge

Please Note the Revive Power Paste is a powerful hard surface cleaner and it might not be suitable for certain plastic materials and decorative finishes. If in doubt, try it on an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no adverse effect on the surface appearance.

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