UPVC Cleaner

UPVC is a material that is used in the construction industry. UPVC is used in the construction of window frames, doors and conservatory’s for commercial and private properties.

UPVC surfaces can discolour after many years of exposure to the elements. Dirt, algae, moss and bird droppings can be difficult to clean if left over a long period of time.

Cleaning UPVC

UPVC can be cleaned and if not left too long can be revived back to its new like condition. There Whiten UPVC Cleanare various commercial UPVC cleaning products available as well employing the services of professional UPVC cleaners.

Revive Power Paste is non bleach multi purpose cleaner which works wonders on plastics especially UPVC. Cleaning your UPVC with this non toxic cleaner has never been easier. UPVC windows and doors frames can be cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge, rub Revive Power Paste in well then simply wipe clean.

Revive Power Paste can be used on UPVC doors windows and conservatories and garden furniture. Revive Power Paste does not contain acids or bleaches being the ideal solution to revive your windows and doors. Let Revive Power Paste do all the hard work in restoring the colour back in your windows and doors. Revive is so versatile it can be used to not just clean UPVC Windows but is also great on burnt on grease and we consider it as the best oven cleaner available.

How Often Do You Clean UPVC

Revive Power Paste UPVC Window CleanerDepending on the condition of your UPVC window frames and doors we would recommend cleaning them at least once a year. If you find moss and algae forming within 3 months we would recommend a clean every 6-9 months. We always recommend using a sponge or wet cloth to work the paste into the UPVC and simply wipe off.

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